The Blue Dot Effect  

The more we look for threats, the more we see them in our world, no matter how safe it is.

Without clear examples of threats, we manufacture threats from nominally threatening sources.

Why Aware?

Mental Health First

Aware is focused exclusively on your emotional being. In our opinion, the most important step is to check-in with your thoughts and write something down. Jot anything down.

You will see growth in all areas of your life as a result of bringing awareness to your own mental being.

Powerful Insights

Studies have shown that the simple act of logging your thoughts, challenges, and learnings will bring a deeper understanding.

Aware enables self-reflection, but it also brings powerful insights to the table. Through your own words, Aware picks out patterns, trends, and other buried information from your journal entries.

Guided Help

Licensed therapists and coaches are available at Aware to guide, motivate, and inspire you. You will see tailored guidance throughout the site to help you on your journey.

Always with you

It's hard enough to put into practice lifestyle changes, let alone retain vast streams of information. It's easy to get overwhelmed and to let the best advice slip away.

Aware lets you catalog the advice that resonates the most with you, including your own learnings and challenges.