Why Aware?

Aware is geared toward those who want an easy, lightweight journaling assist with a bit of intelligence built-in.

Journaling has been proven over and over to help with mood and unlock the subconscious. 2-3 minutes a day just capturing your thoughts, goals, or challenges will have lasting effects. Doing so will help you offload what is preoccupying your mind, help you sleep, and regulate your emotions.

Aware provides a private and judgment-free experience. Your data will never be used against you. Your intimate thoughts and feelings are locked away and will never be used by a 3rd party.

Therapists and life coaches on this site provide general guidance for you to elevate your life. Aware does not provide a prescriptive framework; those who are suffering from severe depression and other diagnosed conditions may benefit from other mental health applications.



The Best of Aware


Whenever you want and as often as you want, capture your current emotional state.

Optional, you may want to write down something you learned today or a challenge that is blocking your path. This information will undoubtedly be helpful as look back at a later point in time.

Journal Log

The journal log provides a 2 week look back at all of your journal entries

This section is a gold mine for extracting salient thoughts and key takeaways. You have the ability to "pin" these critical thoughts to your pinned view.


Providing an organized set of your journal and word patterns, Aware Insights is here to help you learn from your own entries.

Insights provides statistics on your feelings for the week, high frequency words, and a catalog of your most important sections from your journals.

Pinned Items

Aware enables you to refresh your memory with the best guidance from Aware's coaches and therapists

In addition, you can pin your own learnings and challenges to make sure you are reminding yourself of your own growth opportunities

Follow Guidance from Coaches/Therapists

Aware features many of the top lifestyle coaches and licensed therapists

These professionals offer condensed nuggets of guidance that can inspire thought, reflection, or inspiration.